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About Analysis & Reporting

Statistical Analysis, Qualitative Analysis, & Your Report

Key Points

The Core of the Analysis

Statistical analyses of the data provide the meaning behind the numbers generated in the field. The Banner Crosstab Tables are the "core" of these analyses, providing a clear picture of the stakeholders' responses and the statistical significance of differences among subgroups of the population.

The Report

A written report of the Findings with graphs and discussion provides a ready reference to aid in discussion and decision making.


The Presentation

A PowerPoint presentation of the findings helps management share the findings with a larger population so that they better understand the data-driven decisions that affect them.









Statistical Analysis

The Core of the Analysis

The careful preparation and expert execution of your research is all for not if the data is not exhaustively analyzed to reveal actionable results that lead to improvement in service, product, and profit.

We have sophisticated statistical methods at our fingertips: Regression Analysis, Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Analysis of Variance, and more. However, the most basic yet powerful and versatile statistical method is the Banner Crosstab Analysis—

  • Any variable can be "broken down" by any other variable (e.g., age, gender, those who said "X" to another variable).
  • Analysis procedure statements can select subsets, recode data, create one or more new variables, and more.
  • Banner cells can provide percent of response for the groups in the banner, response categories in the stub, and Total sample percentage.
  • The Crosstabulations can provide statistical significance measures between groups (the banners).
  • In the case of focus groups and other qualitative methodologies, we provide a volume of verbatim responses transcribed from recordings of these sessions.
  • Banner Crosstab Tables provide a wealth of information for the researcher and for the client who is willing to take the plunge into the data (the average telephone study produces over 500 pages of tables).
    They certainly provide a valuable reference.

The Report

While we provide the client with a volume of statistical results and verbatim responses, the findings are also synthesized into a comprehensive report complete with graphs and commentary in a form that is consumable by all members of the management team. Where appropriate, recommendations are made based on the data. The report is made available in PowerPoint format, allowing management to easily share the findings with employees and other stakeholders.

The Presentation

Upon request, Dave Roberts is available to present the report to the management team and other employees or vendors in person. There is a tremendous advantage in having the person who developed the research instruments, moderated the focus groups, analyzed the data, and prepared the report in the room, to answer questions and to explain the findings in greater detail.